Monday, March 18, 2013

FAQ's About Natural Flower Remedies

How often should I take flower essences?

Most practitioners advise to take flower remedies about 4 times a day.  However, I personally believe every drop of water (or any other liquid you may be drinking) has the potential of bringing health, healing, restoration, renewal, positive mindsets, straightened priorities, clarity, confidence & courage when essences are present!  So why then should they be reserved for only 4 times a day?!  Every water pitcher, bottle or glass I fill has flower essences and or other vibrational remedies.

Can your single flower essences be used to make custom remedies?

Absolutely! -  Blessed Flower Essences’ single remedies can be used as “stock” or “mother” essences.  They can make countless custom blended remedies.  It is one reason we urge people to invest in single kits.  However, great care should be given to ensure they are prepared properly. 

Are there a maximum number of single remedies one can take at the same time?

Bach Centre in England recommends a maximum of 7 single flower essences in a custom remedy treatment bottle.  Personally, I believe there is no harm in using too many essences but there could be consequences if someone is not getting the right one(s).  I have a few combinations that have 8 essences.  As a general rule, I try to keep them under 7 essences.  When I use muscle testing, which is frequently, only 5-7 Flower Essences come up and address many issues beautifully.    So I guess it is a fine line between making sure you have enough without diluting (or muffling) some of the instructions.

I don’t drink a lot of water – Can I add flower essences to other drinks?

Nothing is a substitute for pure water!  To ensure tissues don’t get overly acidic and to keep organs functioning optimally it requires proper hydration.  Every person needs at least ½ their body weight in ounces per day in REGULAR INTERVALS.  Cells can only hold up to 5-6 ounces at a time.  Think of this as sand holding water after the tide.  It can only hold so much before it becomes flooded.  Therefore, I recommend sipping 4-5 ounces every 20-30 minutes. 

Many people are dehydrated even though they consume enough ounces per day.  They might drink 12-16 ounces once they become thirsty every 3-4 hours.  When the body is in starvation mode it will hold on to fat.  It will do the same thing when dehydrated - It will hold on to water.

All that being said I am also a realist.  If you drink other beverages it is still an opportunity to bring in the flower essences!  If you are someone who has difficulties having one (or more) too many alcoholic drinks try adding crave to them & see if helps you from overindulging!  In our family we juice a lot & drink smoothies everyday so essences can also be added to these liquid meals.  Flower remedies boost the medicinal effects of herbal teas tremendously.  We also add them to baths, lotions, shampoo, conditioners, and facial masks or just about everything else the flower essences can be easily mixed with. 

Is it ok to take more than one combination flower remedy at the same time?

It is not uncommon for me to take multiple flower essence combinations in the same DAY.  However, I don’t mix them at the same time.  Here’s why…  The energetic vibrations in flower remedies act as healing messages to the body.  If you give too many instructions at the same time it loses some of its clarity.  Think of this as voices in a crowd - The more people speaking the harder it is to hear!

Here’s an example of how using the flower essence combinations might be done throughout a typical day…  Fatigue, Alert or Transition might be a good choice in your first glass of water of the day.  Everyone should be taking in water soon upon waking anyway.  Then if you’re off to work you might choose Professional.  Or if you’re off to class so you might go with Student.  If you’ve had a really stressful day when you get home you might take Peace, Stress or Family Bliss to help unwind.  You might sip on some sleep at bedtime in water warm milk or herbal tea. 

We almost always pass Family Bliss around when doing chores on the weekend.  When someone in our family gets hurt they sip on some Peace.  When someone receives some bad news we take Grief.

I’ve heard flower essence remedies can be used for muscle aches and pains?

I have had tremendous results with flower essences reducing aches and pain.  Peace would always be my go to for any type of pain.  Another good choice might be Forgiveness as it deals with rigidity, flow and hardness issues.  I find flower remedies especially helpful when using body mapping and / or muscle testing for determining the right essences to apply.  It usually requires only 1 or 2 applications for immediate and lasting results!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Low Oxygen / Hypoxia Speeds Cancer Growth?

The subject of hypoxia or low oxygenation is a subject very close to my heart.  Hypoxia to the brain has proven to be a huge factor in many cases of autism.  In fact hyperbaric oxygen & other oxygen therapies are big in the autistic community.  Personally we love the liquid oxygen supplement cellfood as a cheaper alternative to these more expensive therapies.

I recently read an article about coffee causing severe hypoxia to the brain.  It made me wonder if my daughter's caffeine therapy as a preemie perhaps set the stage for my daughter to later develop autism.

I stumbled upon the greatest article Low Oxygen Levels Could Drive Cancer Growth, Research Suggests.  It was based on scientific research done by the University of Georgia.  Perhaps this research which start to pave the way for less invasive and harmful cancer treatments.  It might also start to give natural oxygen therapies some of the attention it deserves!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ab Fab Juicy... Another Tasty Juice Recipe

We're naming this juice...  Ab Fab Juicy because it was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!  With every sip came a MMMMMM oh that IS SO GOOD!  We have some left over which will be lovely in the morning...

4 Small Celery Ribs
3 HUGE Carrots (About 6 medium or 8-10 small)
1 HUGE Beet (Without Greens)
2 Large - Gourmet Size Golden Delicious Apples
2 Cubes of Ginger (Wishing I had used 3)

It tasted very similar to my very favorite (Pretty in Pink) although I was just using up what I had on hand.  We got a GREAT deal on Golden Delicious Apples at our local farmers market.  They grow these amazingly huge mutant root vegetables.  Carrots & Beets that I swear must weight a pound a piece!

We are so lucky to have such great produce close by for cheap.  Thank you...  Thank you... farmers who do back breaking work so we can keep our juicers & blenders whirling making tasty healthy liquid gold!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Watch Your Words or SHUT Your Mouth! - 2013 New Year's Resolution 1

What If Your WORDS Were to INSTANTLY Manifest?!  

This past year I have seen far too much of the harvest of carelessly sown words.  The spoken word has so much creative power that they become seeds sown.  

Some were WORDS sown by myself and some spoken by others.  Sometimes I witnessed someone else’s harvest close to me.  With some diligent bible study on the devastating effects of COMPLAINING + Circumstances = REVELATION on SPEAKING RIGHT WORDS!  

Recently I went on VOCAL FAST where I remained silent for several days.  It was something I felt the Lord calling me to for way too long.  I was only able to communicate in writing which gets me into a little less trouble.  It seems for me it is easier to take a little more care with my words when I am writing.  I guess I am more purposeful with what I am SAYING!  The whole exercise was very spiritually maturing and enlightening.

I learned some really interesting things...  First, how quickly it is either learned behavior or just my natural urge to complain, blame or criticize others, and even make excuses.  Another was how much body language matters!  Another realization was how much I LOVE to SING!  But the most important knowledge nugget from the experience was…  EVERYONE should be getting regular healthy doses of encouraging & uplifting WORDS.  However, many of us have limited experience with hearing or speaking them.  There aren't a whole lot of role models showing us in modern society - All the more reason to be a blessing and why it is so important!  Lastly, not to underestimate the “Mad Mom Look” when kids are misbehaving :-)

This year I want to use my mouth for sowing positive seeds, praising and speaking words of hope, faith, joy and peace - Ones that encourage and lift up myself, loved ones, family, friends, clients and those who have occasion to serve me.  That’s doable right?!  To get help I’m leaning on his wisdom, and counting on his mercy and grace…

Meditating on these Scriptures...

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth… ~ISAIAH 53:7

And as soon as he had spoken, immediately the leprosy departed from him, and he was cleansed ~MARK 1:42

I am quick to listen and slow to speak or to get angry.  If I am angry, I cannot do any of the good things that God wants done ~JAMES 1:19-20

My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are LIFE to those who find them, and health to all their flesh. ~PROVERBS  4:20-22

But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man ~MATTHEW 15:18

There are those who speak rashly, like the piercing of a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.  ~PROVERBS 12:18

Considering These Flower Essences to Help Too...

Beech ~ Cherry Plum ~ Chicory ~ Heather ~ Impatiens ~ Willow