Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Low Oxygen / Hypoxia Speeds Cancer Growth?

The subject of hypoxia or low oxygenation is a subject very close to my heart.  Hypoxia to the brain has proven to be a huge factor in many cases of autism.  In fact hyperbaric oxygen & other oxygen therapies are big in the autistic community.  Personally we love the liquid oxygen supplement cellfood as a cheaper alternative to these more expensive therapies.

I recently read an article about coffee causing severe hypoxia to the brain.  It made me wonder if my daughter's caffeine therapy as a preemie perhaps set the stage for my daughter to later develop autism.

I stumbled upon the greatest article Low Oxygen Levels Could Drive Cancer Growth, Research Suggests.  It was based on scientific research done by the University of Georgia.  Perhaps this research which start to pave the way for less invasive and harmful cancer treatments.  It might also start to give natural oxygen therapies some of the attention it deserves!

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